June 11, 2013

Veine Magazine

Veine Magazine, France, 2013

Where does your process begin?
I think the process is continuous; it's interwo-ven with our lives, dreams and experiences to create a constant flow of progression and evolution. 
Are you avid researchers and planners?
We are constantly involved in research, it's part of the process. A lot of inspiration comes from frag-mentary moments of beauty or wonder, following those trails will lead you in interesting directions. For instance we have been exploring the idea of crea-ting our own heritage print for Cerre, Flavie and I had recently received porcelain tea set from my family and we were infatuated by the ornate design so we began to research the various the cobalt netting motif of the Russian sets which led us to Naum Gabo and the Constructivist movement. Their ideas of autono-mous art inspired us to learn scripting to produce generative art works which we are now using for our prints, it's all very neat and tidy, you have our love of craft and antiquity seamlessly transferring into our futurist concepts artificial intelligence and post humanism. It's important to plan but also to be able to see opportunity outside the plan, we are big fans of deviation. 
Fashion is often trivialized or worshiped by culture at large, how do you feel the percep-tion of fashion has evolved since Cerre's inception?
People will see what they want to see. 
Your work evokes a very subtle and elegant vision of the future, what are some of the challenges of creating a brand that is always looking forward?
I think the key is to remember when to also look to the past Once the conceptual groundwork was laid for Cerre we actually spent a year world building as you would in preparation for a film or novel. Going back to the 4th millennium BC we established the ideas for parallel mythologies and followed the progression all the way to an almost post human future. By placing ourselves in a completely imagined context we are able to draw on unique references and inspiration to guide us. 
What is most important to you as your label grows?
As Cerre grows the most important thing is to continue to evolve and remain committed to our foun-ding principals ; Beauty is Sacred, Craft is Ritual and Quality is Law.